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Merits and Advantages

The company has been working in the engineering services market for already 20 years, has amassed huge engineering experience, recognizable brand and became well-known on the market. Our company has successfully completed a lot of various projects in different industries at large-scale enterprises in Russia and CIS within applicable legislation of Russia and other CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, the Baltic States). The Russian engineering company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ has a high-qualified team of managers, who know all the nuances of international business, local legislation specifics, have a significant managing experience, that in the end provides dynamic development, strong leadership and heightens our company’s image.

The Russian engineering company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ faces no problems in communication with the customers, financial institutions and public authorities in Russia and other CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan the Baltic States), since the Russian language is the dominant spoken language in these countries and is used not only by top management, but also by ordinary executors and technicians.

The Company always seeks to supply a high-quality equipment, to provide the industrial plants in Russia and CIS countries with innovative reliable equipment as well as to consider the cost of engineering services for each customer individually. In the steadily growing market of innovative equipment several engineering companies are in a position to offer their customers such a full complex of services regarding the installation and maintenance of such equipment. In addition, the innovative equipment delivered by our Company makes it possible to regulate/decrease the energy resources consumption, which gives economic gains to our Customers

Company has many Customers all over the Russia who has since long time been using both own technical developments and Service departments of the Company. Customers’ address to us firstly means an individual approach, thorough task analysis and close cooperation with the Customer at each stage of work implementation, as well as putting forward non-standard engineering solutions and optimal recommendations.

Carrying out complex deliveries of high-technology and cutting-edge equipment the Russian engineering company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, Moscow, Russia, has formed a team of skilled engineers and technicians, who are able to look into the most complicated technical problems and to offer an effective solution for the wide range of technical tasks, based on cooperation with recognized top manufacturers of modern equipment. The company is well informed about advanced developments, made by top manufacturers of industrial equipment, and has built steady partnership with many of them being their official distributor in Russia.

INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ constantly takes part in diverse exhibitions, scientific forums; arranges joint conferences regarding new technologies implementation together with global manufacturers of top-quality equipment, constantly obtains and gathers that invaluable experience which helps us to complete the tasks set up by our Company’s clients.

During its work the Company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, Moscow, Russia, has organized a team of high-skilled service-engineers who were trained for assembling, commissioning and start-up as well as repair of centrifugal and plunger pumps and compressors at manufacturing plants. They are experienced in other process equipment operation, are always ready to provide full service support in all Russian regions. Moreover, we can do service, installation supervision and commissioning not only within the territory of Russia, but in other CIS countries through our distributed network of service centers and representative offices in Russia (Moscow, Ural (Nizhniy Tagil), Bashkortostan (Ufa), Lipetsk, Cherepovets), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), the Baltic States, Switzerland (Hergiswil)

Our Company is always open to cooperate with the manufacturers who consider the Russian market interesting to invest in, and the engineering company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, Moscow, Russia, is ready to become an official distributor for such manufacturers. The highly qualified personnel will conduct the required marketing research: investigate the market environment in a particular industry, monitor further market dynamics and assess the buying interest and the growth trends of the industry as a whole. Our Company’s managers are perfectly aware of the Russian market and its applicable laws. They also have a wide customer base and react promptly to changes in market situation; they have a broad sales experience in Russia, established relations and contacts with potential consumers of your products – all that enables them to carry out efficient sales and provide for a quick adoption of your products into the new market as well as to develop and optimize your business in the Russian market.

The Company has flexibility, ability to work with all Russian districts and to arrange sales in regions with specific features. The Russian Company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ has an extensive base of Customers in Russia and CIS (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Baltic States, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan). The specialists of our company keep in touch with all regional enterprises directly or through the joint network of representative offices (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan) that allows to receive a rapid and objective (which is often highly important when making a decision) information.

When executing a large investment and engineering project in Russia the Company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ is ready to sharply increase the staff and when necessary to involve professionals in associated equipment procurement in the Russian market, skilled service-engineers and professional engineering and technical staff. The Company closely cooperates with the number of design institutes in Russia in various industry areas, which also enables to carry out pre-engineering and subsequent design works according to standards and construction regulations applicable in Russia.

The Company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, Moscow, Russia has opportunity to act as coordinator and main contractor of all works during investment project implementation on the territory of Russia. Our company is ready to take part in providing a flexible project financing system for customers, and equipment manufacturers.

Beside the readiness to fulfill international contracts and agreements our Company is able to implement flexible commercial policy in the Russian market, and effective supply chain of our delivery department enables to promptly deliver industrial equipment to any place in Russia or CIS: (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Turkmenistan, the Baltic States, Azerbaijan). Moreover, INTECH GmbH /ИНТЕХ ГмбХ can carry out deliveries in national currency, undertaking all issues regarding customs clearance, fulfillment of governmental requirements on international contracts registration in public authorities and banks, conversion of rubles into the contract currency as well as tax and VAT payment.

It is necessary to mention our Company’s experience in arrangement of process equipment and works certification and licensing in public authorities of the Russian Federation. The Company can provide for an expertise for subsequent obtaining of certificates (GOST R, Fire safety, Phytosanitary control and Approval for hazardous area equipment application issued by Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Inspection of Russia (ROSTECHNADZOR), as well as to complete data sheets for equipment according to the Russian Federation standards (GOST RF).

The engineering company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ arranges for an international information exchange between Customer’s specialists and cutting-edge equipment manufacturers. We organize trainings of Customer’s technical service directly at manufacturer’s production facilities, which can be combined with assembling, inspection and testing of the ordered equipment. Due to that a start-up of a complex process plant or rebuilt units can be carried out without significant time and material resources losses.

INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ seeks to become a global company and to be able to cooperate with manufacturers of high-effective and cutting-edge technologies and equipment all over the world. In addition the Company has a great experience in international advertising activities. Information about the Company and process plants and separate equipment being offered you can easily find on the web-sites in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, United States of America (USA), Japan, Republic of South Africa (RSA), Australia, Singapore. INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ has its own IT-service, which successfully achieves high traffic of INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ web-sites with popular enquiries for process equipment. The effectiveness of such advertising method is much higher than traditional informing through exhibitions, conferences, forums and publications in magazines. Exactly due to our proactive approach you are reading this information now. Our company is known in: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Singapore, Brasil, Republic of South Africa (RSA).

INTECH GmbH /ИНТЕХ ГмбХ is an absolutely transparent and open-end company, which is ready to provide any tax information and guarantee an exclusive validity and transparency of each transaction realized by the Company. Our Company delivers equipment and components only to the end customers, and practically always holds an international contract. We ourselves make payments for international transactions, do customs clearance of goods and obtain official tax declaration stating that all necessary taxed were paid. The financial department of INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ strictly controls all the taxes are paid correctly in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and has no unpaid taxes and depts against the partners.

Our Company strictly follows the international generally accepted rules and standards on counteraction against corruption, against bribetaking in public authorities, illegal funds laundering and shady turnover. Employees of INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ undertake not to offer or give financial resources or commissions to customer’s or manufacturer’s representatives. The Company follows the requirement not to hire any state employees or closest relatives of state employees who can directly or indirectly influence the business development of the Company. INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ commits itself to inform appropriate authorities about any displays of improper business dealing.