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since 1997

About Company

Engineering company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, Moscow, Russia was established on the 18th of February, 1997.

Address: 12 M. Pochtovaya Street, Moscow 105082, Russia
Phone: +7 (499) 322-10-57; +7 (499) 261-08-45; Fax: +7 (499) 263-14-38


The Company Charter Capital – 15 000 000 rubles (450 000 Euro, 2007)

General Manager: Eremin Vladimir Valerievich

The Company’s field of activity: gas industry, energy and metal production sectors, chemical industry, machine-building industry

The Company’s mission:

Putting into operation new industrial facilities based on advanced engineering solutions, upgrading and equipping enterprises in Russia and other CIS countries with reliable innovative equipment, surpassing clients’ expectations at each stage of cooperation: starting from engineering solutions to equipment supplied and after-sales service.

The company’s objectives

Implementation of engineering projects for industrial enterprises of Russia (Moscow, Ural (Nizhny Tagil), Bashkortostan (Ufa), Lipezk, Cherepovez), as well as for enterprises of CIS countries: Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Baltic region, Belarus, Turkmenistan using advanced energy-saving technologies and high efficiency equipment. We also modernize existing equipment and ensure its extended life on the processing plants, as well as replace the obsolete and worn-out equipment in the production processes. Our engineering company carries out researches and is constantly in search of nonconventional, effective, safe and profitable individual solutions for our customers. The company offers only cutting-edge equipment and innovative solutions, that fully comply with all the world norms and standards, as well as with up-to-date environmental requirements in the region where the customer is located.

Our goals:

To timely spot the customer’s problem, then search the solution; to supply the equipment right on time, as well as to provide the highest service and to completely meet the demands of our customers.

Legal aspects

Company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ implements various engineering projects in strict compliance with all the Russian as well as international requirements and regulations; it knows the peculiarities of Russian legislative system and completely abides by them; the Company also complies with the Code of Business Conduct, which ensures the transparency of our business with our partners and makes us a responsible and honest partner at the Russian and CIS market.

Since 1997 and today, INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ uses only cutting-edge developments in the sphere of innovative and safe technologies when dealing with the problems set by our customers; we also take into account all the up-to-date requirements to quality and effectiveness of the products manufactured by our enterprises, which has helped us to win the Russian / CIS region market: in Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), the Baltic States, Belarus and Turkmenistan, and has proven to be a high-tech engineering company.

Russian company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ (Moscow) is the acknowledged participant at the engineering market; it has a long and successful business history both in Russia and in the CIS region; it has always been striving to constant and dynamical development and would not be satisfied with what has already been achieved; the Company builds up relationship with the customer in such a manner that even our most demanding customers could always receive the ultimate solution for the tasks in hand, as well as the best technologies and modern industrial equipment. The Company’s experience allows foreseeing the major trends and tendencies at the market, as well as to anticipate and exceed our customers’ expectations, to improve and introduce the most innovative process equipment for our customers.

The Company’s staff approaches the most complicated tasks and problems; it guarantees that technical solutions offered by the Company will comply with the cutting-edge international developments and standards and that they meet the requirements and demands of our customers.

The Company’s staff consists of people who are the best men in their fields; their knowledge and experience ensures professional, prompt service for our customers as well as topmost quality – and it also helps us to solve all the issues that are raised. Our Company’s staff is eager not only to deal with engineering projects, but also to conduct all kinds of preliminary research and to analyze the existing equipment condition, to conduct and calculate the feasibility study of the equipment that we offer, to render engineering services (from basic to detailed engineering), to conduct packaged equipment supply and to arrange the required transportation, as well as to carry out customs clearance of goods (DDP-based supply as per Incoterms 2010).

Our Company’s technical specialists will ensure the high-quality equipment installation in compliance with all the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer, they will also conduct equipment commissioning and completion. Our company provides a guarantee to each customer for the whole range of the offered equipment; our engineers are also eager to conduct service maintenance at the customer’s site using innovative engineering solutions even during the post warranty period.

Our engineering company also carries out investment activities and is interested in investing its own resources into the most advanced developments and various turn-key projects.

At the moment Company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, Moscow, Russia, cooperates with a wide range of leading global producers of process equipment; with many of them our Company has signed exclusive partner agreements.

Participatory business development: Although we have concluded a large number of agreements and have a broad network of representative offices, Company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, Moscow, Russia, is always open for fruitful work with other manufacturers who look for an authorized distributor for their products at the markets of Russia and CIS States. Our Engineering Company searches for the manufacturers of process equipment for establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships in order to expand the business area in Russia and CIS States. This can be achieved by team-work at challenging engineering projects on supply of equipment and related materials for installation, start-up and commissioning. Together with partners, we are ready to introduce the advanced engineering solutions into production and to install equipment at Russian and CIS enterprises: Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), the Baltic States, Belarus and Turkmenistan.

Our engineering Company is looking for the new partners and performs marketing events in other countries such as the USA, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Germany, etc. Russian engineering company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ is open for cooperation both with world-beater companies in global industry who are interested in investments, business development and promotion of the products in the Former Soviet Union States, as well as with swiftly developing companies who are looking for the new markets for their process equipment. Our engineering company is eager to be a distributor for the companies whose strategy is focused on a long-term position improvement at Russian and CIS markets and products supply of different target customer groups in Russia, Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), the Baltic States, Belarus and Turkmenistan.

Activities of our engineering company cover the entire territory of Russia, along with a number of CIS States. Using the advantages of our Russian company, our new partners can substantially increase their sales volumes, capture a considerable share of Russian and Former Soviet Union markets due to the sales amount that grow more rapidly than the entire market itself; they can also increase their business efficiency and develop new market range.

The engineering company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, Moscow, Russia, is eager to not only participate in investment projects but also to cooperate with the manufacturers of miscellaneous process equipment. We are certain of the unquestionable advantages, that our Company has - they allow any manufacturer of process equipment to gain benefits in competitive struggle in Russia and CIS States(Uzbekistan (Tashkent), in Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), the Baltic States, Belarus and Turkmenistan).

If you are interested in cooperation with us or willing to participate in some specific project, you can always contact any division of the Company. We are always glad to consider any inquiries and offers from you!