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since 1997

Our Company’s Ethics and Values

  • Openness, reasonableness, honesty and integrity are indispensable constituents in cooperation and they are always recognized by the Russian company LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГмбХ". It is not merely the result which is most valuable to us, but the ways to reach it.
  • The company’s long-term objectives and quality of engineering services provided have undisputable priority over short-term profit. Our relationships with customers are established on the basis of long-term mutual trust, honesty, respect, loyalty, which allows to save our customers’ time and produce considerable solid and steady results in their activity together with us, because it is our customers’ success that is a firm foundation for future development of LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГмбХ".
  • We highly appreciate credibility of our customers and that is the reason why our company constantly works out and develops the quality of rendered services, provides products and services that will be useful and valuable for the customers. Our engineering company always tries to keep in touch with advanced, breakthrough, cutting-edge technologies and developments, updates its databases, follows primary market trends and changes, keeps its knowledge and offered technical solutions in line with ever-growing market demand and changing requirements of the company’s customers
  • Promptness of rendering our engineering services, their high quality as well as reliability of supplied equipment are the company’s critical goals, which is one of the main points in market competition activity.
  • Our company never undertakes unachievable obligations, we do everything we promise and always take responsibility for the full conformance to the customer’s requirements and exact performance time.
  • We should develop advanced ideas and exercise creativity and diversity for our customers without stereotypical behavior or thinking, try innovative ideas, solve challenges carefully and quickly, and perform business activity using modern methods. LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГмбХ". always welcomes and encourages the initiative of its employees, and their new challenging ideas. Our Russian company consists of devoted leaders of their profession!
  • The company’s synergy. Individual performance of each employee is important for the company, but only a team can become a marker leader. Our objectives cannot be achieved by individual or group efforts, which is the reason why the company’s management has set up prompt and effective cooperation between all the departments of the company. Each and every staff member’s readiness to do his/her best to achieve the company’s goals, mutual help and support of the colleagues, prompt delivery of the required information, as well as every employee’s readiness to be responsible for the common goals and results of the company – these are the keystone of our future success, aspiration for development, a possibility of introducing innovative technologies and ideas to our customers in due time.
  • Being punctual while working with customers, improving ethics, keeping promises, maintaining multilateral commercial relationships, complying with all rules and regulations, providing for high quality engineering services, responsible and faithful business dealing, fulfillment of obligations – these are the core values and one of the key success factors of our Russian engineering company LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГмбХ"!