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Metallurgical Equipment

Metalwork Hot Galvanizing Lines

Our company supplies complete hot-metal galvanizing lines with a capacity of 10,000 to 100,000 tons per year

The engineering company OOO "Intech GmbH", Moscow, offers hot galvanizing lines incorporating the latest developments used in chemical treatment or galvanizing, making them rather compact and easy-to-use. Operation modes: automatic or manual.


Hot galvanizing lines are designed for processing of metal such structures as:

  • Power transmission towers and construction metalworks
  • Bridge girders, tunnel girders, various fencings and bridge lighting poles for bridges and tunnels
  • Lamp posts, antennas, towers, radio masts;
  • Heat exchangers, sections, metal decking, radiators, and casings

Our company offers engineering solutions based on optimization of equipment maintenance and installation of heat-exchangers and pumps on the outside of treatment baths. In the initial stages of galvanizing line design our engineering company in cooperation with the customer elaborates a detailed layout and galvanization technology to be used, and for the purpose of effective investment planning we also estimate the number of units, systems, and assemblies required and make all the necessary equipment specifications.

Steel Strip Hot Galvanizing Lines

OOO "Intech GmbH", Moscow, Russia offers complex cold-rolled steel strip hot galvanizing lines.

Capacity: 60 to 500 thousand tons per year

Specification of available hot galvanizing lines:

  • Strip thickness: 0,3 – 2,0 mm; strip width: 600-1650 mm
  • Coil weight: 30 tons (max)
  • Coil diameter (outside): up to 2100 mm
  • Unit speed: up to 180 m/min

Please refer to our web-site for details

We also supply parts and units of submersible equipment for hot galvanizing lines, made of ceramics, stellen, and 316L stainless steel: submerged bottom drums, friction bearings, bushings, tempering mill rolls, furnace rolls, etc. Please, refer to our web-site for more details.

Cold and Hot Rolling Mills

Two-, three-, four-, and twenty-high stands for coiled steel rolling, milled products, steel and various billets.


Cold and hot rolling mills for coiled steel:

  • Coil weight: up to 30 tons
  • Strip width: – 0.3-4.0 mm
  • Capacity: up to 700,000 tons per year

The complete set includes: pinion stands, coiling and unwinding devices, electric and hydraulic drives, roller tables, reducing gears, bearing assemblies, alloy steel rolls, thickness gauges, automatic coil marking units, and other auxiliary equipment.

Pipe-Rolling Mills

The engineering company OOO "Intech GmbH", Moscow, Russia, offers the following mills:

  • Automatic pipe hot-rolling mills, diameter: 57 to 426 mm
  • Piercing mills for billet piercing with the diameter of 80 to 270 mm, as well as for ingot piercing with the diameter of 350 to 600 mm
  • Continuous longitudinal rolling mills with two-high stands for pipe rolling with the diameter of 56 to 15 mm
  • Skew rolling three-high elongators producing heavy-walled pipes with the diameter of 60 to 180 mm
  • Pilger mills for pipes with the diameter of 57 to 550 mm

The following equipment is supplied complete with pipe-rolling plant: reheat furnace, reeling mills, pipe-threading machines, and other necessary equipment.

Roll-Grinding Equipment


  • Automatic NC roll-grinding machines: light, medium, and heavy-duty operation modes provide superior degree of surface finish with required allowances
  • Roll diameter is up to 0.7 m; roll weight is up to 4,500 kg; mill length is up to 10 m

7.5 kW and 11 kW belt grinding machines for bigger material removal

Pneumatic belt tension; belt size is 0.15 m x 2.5 m

Optional: steel tool holder, automatic diameter check, printing roller edge grinding machine

NC control unit

Movement calibration software

Control system software

Please refer to our web-site for details.

Metalworking Equipment

The engineering company OOO "Intech GmbH", Moscow, Russia offers a complete range of up-to-date metalworking equipment. Non-standard manufacturing lines can be optionally customized by our company and include additional equipment specified by the customer for further metalworking

Metalworking equipment offered by our engineering company is produced in compliance with international standards, providing full control of all production stages, reliability, long service life and safety.

To learn more about our range of metalworking equipment, please refer to the following links:

  • Automatic metal tile lines
  • Shaped production machines
  • Double-T beam welding and processing lines
  • Road fence forming line
  • Sheet-bending equipment
  • Drain pipe and pipe elbow production machines

Steel Strip Pickling Line

Our engineering company is able to supply pusher-type pickling lines for hot-rolled carbon steel (acc. to EN10051).

Pickling line specification:

Capacity: 600,000 tons per year
Strip width: 900-1550 mm; strip thickness: 1.0-4.0 mm
Coil outside diameter: 2200 mm (max); coil inside diameter: 750 mm
Coil weight: up to 30 tons
Machine speed: up to 150 m/min
Hydrochloric acid strength at the last stage of washing-out: 60 mg/l (max)

The line consists of the following stages:

Stage 1: Input section (coil stack, charging car, levelling unit, washing-out unit, cross-cut and bevel-cut shears)

Stage 2: Processing section (pickling bath consists of 4 sections; each section includes: circulation loop with circulation tank, heat-exchangers, pump, pickling section return line). After the pickling bath the strip passes between two wringer roll sets. Downstream of the pickling bath there is a washing-out unit, after which strip drying with edge-blowing is going.

Stage 3: After drying, the strip enters the feeder unit located prior to the loop device. After the loop pit a feeding mechanism is installed, the leading end of the strip is fed to the side-trimming shears. Trimmings are cut up into pieces by the scrap cutter, after which a three-high back pull stand is provided followed by an inspection stand. Strip oiling is performed by a special device, after which the leading end of the strip is fed to a reeler, equipped with control system providing reeling with leveled edges. At the end of the production process, the coils are removed from the reeler by travelling cranes and shelved.

Automatic Metal Cutting Lines

The engineering company OOO "Intech GmbH", Moscow, Russia, makes customized design, assembly and DAP/DDP supply (customer’s stock) of automatic lines for metal cross-cutting, longitudinal cutting and slitting-and-shearing. After commissioning the company optionally offers after-sales service of automatic cutting lines by efforts of its certified specialists.

Types of automatic metal cutting lines available:

Type 1 Cutting lines are designed for cutting metal sheets up to 1.0 mm in thickness

Type 2 Cutting lines are designed for cutting metal sheets up to 2.0 mm in thickness

Type 2 Cutting lines are designed for cutting metal sheets with thicknesses ranging from 2.0 to 6.0 mm. Cutting lines of this type can be supplied with a decoiler with a capacity of up to 40 tons

Specification of automatic metal sheet cross-cutting lines

Strip Width (mm) Strip thickness (mm) Coil Weight (tons) Strip Feeding Speed m/min Sheet length (mm) Stacking
1000-1250 0,4-2,0 10 50 500-6000 Manual
1000-1600 0,4-2,0 10 50 500-6000 Manual
1000-1600 0,4-5,0 16 50 500-6000 Auto

The Metal sheet cross-cutting line includes the following equipment:

  • Decoiler
  • Cutting machine
  • Piler
  • Roller table
  • Guide system
  • Car
  • Hydro-pneumatic drive
  • Control panel
Specification of automatic metal sheet longitudinal cutting lines
Strip Width (mm) Strip thickness (mm) Coil Weight (tons) Strip Feeding Speed (m/min)
500-1250 0,4-1,0 8 25
500-1600 0,4-1,0 8 50
500-1250 0,4-2,0 10 75
500-1600 0,4-3,0 16 75
500-1600 1,0-6,0 20 50 (100)

The Metal sheet longitudinal cutting line includes the following equipment:

  • Decoiler
  • Cutting-and-levelling unit
  • Guide system
  • Coiler
  • Coil removing car
  • Hydro-pneumatic drive
  • Control panel

Specification of automatic metal sheet slitting-and-shearing lines

Strip Width (mm) Strip thickness (mm) Coil Weight (tons) Strip Feeding Speed (m/min) Sheet length (mm) Stacking
500-1250 0,4-2,0 10 25 500-2500 Manual
500-1500 0,4-2,0 10 50 500-2500 Auto
500-1500 0,4-5,0 16 75 500-3000 Auto

The Metal sheet longitudinal slitting-and-shearing line includes the following equipment:

  • Decoiler
  • Roller table
  • Cutting-and-leveling unit
  • Guide system
  • Coiler
  • Coil removing car
  • Piler
  • Hydro-pneumatic drive
  • Control panel. The cutting line is operated by two employees.

Application of automatic metal cutting lines:

  • Sheet-metal cutting as a part of various production cycles
  • Steel sheet blank treatment for various types of forming
  • Cutting of wide-coil sheet steel into narrow strips of predefined width
  • In the blank-preparation shops of a variety of different industries using galvanized coil stock, cold-rolled mill stock, and polymer coated roll stock for the production of sheet-metal parts

Please refer to our web-site to get more details.

Heat-Treatment Furnaces and Reheating Furnaces

The engineering company OOO "Intech GmbH" offers its experience in design, supply and upgrading of existing heat-treatment furnaces: roller-hearth furnaces, revolving furnaces, vacuum heat-treatment furnaces, forced convection furnaces, vertical furnaces, walking beam furnaces, etc.

Reconstruction of a heat-treatment furnace allows reducing in power consumption for steel blank heating (up to 60%), significantly reducing environmental discharge (up to 30%), reducing scale losses (up to 0.8%), and increasing metal quality by reducing the number of black patches, as well as providing a more uniform temperature over the whole surface.

Our engineering company specializes in ready-to-operate complex supplies of a wide range of heat-treating furnaces designed for various industries. Operating temperature range of the above furnaces is up to 1800°C. Heat-treating furnaces can be designed for operation in oxygen, vacuum, or neutral gas medium.

Refractory Lining for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Industries

Our engineering company offers a full range of repair and lining services for ferrous and non-ferrous industry production equipment. Specialists of our engineering company can make all the required calculations and optimal selections of refractory materials, perform further DAP/DDP-customer stock supply and make installation supervision and after-sales services.

OOO "Intech GmbH" offers various modern innovative materials complying with all international requirements for the purposes of the ferrous metal industry. Our company offers refractory materials for electric furnace steel-making, converter industry, in addition to various products for ladle metallurgy.

OOO "Intech GmbH" offers for the non-ferrous industry the following refractory products: insulating fibre products, insulating firebrick, fused cast refractories, non-wetted refractories for high-temperature applications, etc.

Application methods: cast, rodding, hand packing, shotcreting, wet shotcreting.

Main application fields in the aluminium industry: refractory burning furnaces, aluminum smelters, metal transportation, and carbon anode furnaces.