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Asset Performance Management by IT (Information Technology) solutions

for our customers of “Metallurgy”, “Energy Power” and “Oil & Gas” industries

INTECH GmbH, a production and engineering company, was founded in 1997, and offers equipment and components from global leading production sites.

Also you can get acquainted with the information on production, repair of blades and vanes for gas turbines

Aspiration for partnership and the birth of technology (INTECH GmbH and General Electric)

Professionals of INTECH GmbH representative Moscow office specialize in solving multifaceted tasks of rebuilding (modernizing) production facilities include Asset Performance Management (APM). APM enables intelligent asset strategies that balance three traditionally competing priorities—reducing cost, improving availability and reliability, and managing risk—to help optimize your overall asset and operational performance.

INTECH GmbH has been offering individual projects of Competence Center for APM analysis and risk management of equipment operation reliability based on remote monitoring and technical support (RM&TS) for our customers of “Metallurgy”, “Energy Power” and “Oil & Gas” industries.

Due to around 80% of all failures in facilities operating equipment in “Metallurgy”, “Energy Power” and “Oil & Gas” industries starts from alarm signals. Nearly all failure signals can be related to module defects or failures indicated by signals from vibration probes, temperature and pressure gauges, etc. Thus a good solution RM&TS makes equipment operational state prediction possible for lighter operating conditions, longer service life, cheaper cost of services. 

The RM&TS of INTECH GmbH instruments and method base on boxed software and hardware solutions and services of our partner “General Electric” (GE), including “Baker Hughes”, “Bently Nevada”: (BN) “System1 (S1)”, BN 3500; ADAPT 3701; OC 6000 e Nexus; Fleet Management:  S1, “Historian”, “Smart Signal”; “Meridium”, “Brilliant Manufacturing” MES  (Manufacturing Execution System) etc., which digitally fine-tunes to specific equipment of plant and be able to integrity connect  directly with  Enterprise Resource Planning  (ERP) system,  i.e. “SAP ERP”  or  by use  cloud  open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) “Predix” (GE). The cloud model allows businesses to take advantage of key capabilities including: assets can be connected across the entire business so data can be captured; analytics can be developed and run to deliver insights at all levels of the organization.

Five available stages toward APM (Metallurgy)

Stage 1. Research the most important problem of equipment for Metallurgy plant; 

Stage 2. Start solving the problem with measurements from sensors by use “System 1” and “BN3500” or “ADAPT 3701”;

Stage 3. Collect “Historian” data with “Smart Signal” solution;

Results after Stage 3: Analytics and Diagnostics of the condition of equipment; Collection of technological data; Analysis of trends; Analysis of defects; Prediction.

Stage 4. Software “Meridium” installation;

Results after Stage 4: Risk assessment, criticality analysis of equipment; Development of a service program for risk basis; Accounting of equipment status; Life Cycle Management
of equipment; Statistics analysis and modeling.

Stage 5. Integration of systems: “System1” with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or MES (Manufacturing Execution System);

Results after Stage 5: Precise scheduling and cost of repairs and maintenance, Security and Risk reduction, Return of Investment (ROI).

Activities for turbines and compressors (Energy Power, Oil & Gas)

GE digital solution will be offered for each gas turbine in Russia. In the monitoring tool, actual data are compared against design “as should be” data for specific turbine. This is done by means of a software module which fine-tunes to a specific engine due to development and use of an individual gas turbine digital engine model. The same services are provided for steam turbines and compressors. An anti-surge valve of compressor can be examined and tuned for optimal value of efficiency.

RM&TS Center with GE professionals will perform installation, startup and control of the following turbine operating parameters: turbine startup behavior, capacity, pressure, temperature, vibration, air contamination, oil contamination, gas turbine failures, gas turbine startup time control, operating parameters and characteristics control. As a result of analytical processing of information obtained by the RM&TS Center the following data will be prepared and sent to turbine users: operating parameters; perform ability; continuity; state of the systems; data deviations; capacity;  availability; reliability;system conditions; pre-alarms by process data;

Furthermore, users will get the following information:

Alarm signal control. Monitored alarm signals: top 10 most common alarm signals per month / week, as well as long-lasting alarm signals. The signals helps to prevent a failure (protect the turbine) through timely and proper technical maintenance or a set of unplanned actions for preventing an emergency. If false alarm signals appear during startup, it can be easily fixed by maintenance operations. The less alarm signals there are the more attention an alarm signal receives. All collected data and alarm signals help to achieve higher performance and reliability results and reflect the nature of the problem.

Gas turbine operation prediction. In case issues (deterioration, failures) are detected, a conclusion about the prospective process development is made based on the data received and the period of possible malfunctions and failures is predicted.

Turbine proactive maintenance planning. Turbine state reports provide all the necessary conclusions and recommendations; therefore reports are used for proactive maintenance based on maintenance predictions. Reports can also be used to determine the maintenance strategy and plan all types of activities for the months and years to come.

Report availability. Reports will be available via web portal of RM&TS Center with comments in Russian or will be sent to users on request. Users will be able to enter the system and see the reports in the web portal using their login and password.

Technical support. Users will be able to reach out to Technical Support of RM&TS Center through Service Desk and get answers for their requests sent by email. Technical Support will answer within short time period after email receipt depending on the priority. Consulting services are paid based on the cost of monthly and yearly service.

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