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Our customers in metal and ore-dressing industries

ООО INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, Moscow, Russia supplies comprehensive projects and individual technical equipment and components to the following Customers in CIS countries in metal and ore-dressing industries.

Plant name Scope of activity
JSC Novolipetsk Steel (JSC NLMK) / ОАО Новолипецкий металлургический комбинат (ОАО НЛМК) Lipetsk, Russia
The world’s leading supplier of rectangular billets and transformer steel. Annual production capacity is 12,6 million tonnes of steel, 5,7 million tonnes of rolled sheets, 1,4 million tonnes of profiled products. The plant manufactures flat rolled products – slabs, hot rolled steel, thick hot rolled sheets, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, dynamo and transformer, profiled products – billets, reinforcements, rods, hardware, etc.
LTD Evraz Holding (EVRAZ Group S.A.) / ООО ЕвразХолдинг (ЕВРАЗ Груп С.А.) Moscow, Russia
One of the biggest companies in steel and ore dressing industries with worldwide operations. The annual production volume makes up 16,3 million tonnes of steel, whereas consolidated revenue amounts to 13,394 billion USD. The largest manufacturer of beams, channel bars, reinforcements, rails and railway wheels. The largest supplier of slabs, billets, steel sheets and vanadium products.
JSC NizhnyTagil Iron and Steel works (JSC NTMK) / ОАО Нижнетагильский металлургический комбинат (ОАО НТМК) Nizhny Tagil, Russia
The enterprise is part of EVRAZ Group SA. Manufactures billets, reinforcement steel, hot rolled steel products – angles, channel bars, I-beams, strips, squares, balls; flat rolled products – thick, standard, corrugated and shipbuilding steel sheets; gauged rolled products, steel wire, nails, construction netting, steel pipes, electrodes for arc welding, as well as coke chemical products, including coke, coal concentrate, ammonium sulfate, toluene, benzene, indene-coumarone fraction, pitch, naphthalene, coal tar oil, phthalic anhydride, fuel blend, etc.
JSC Consolidated West Siberian Iron and Steel Works(JSC ZapSib ZMSK) / ОАО Западно-Сибирский металлургический комбинат (ОАО ЗапСИб, ЗСМК) Novokuznetsk, Russia
Part of EVRAZ Group SA.
Manufactures billets, reinforcement steel, hot rolled steel products – angles, channel bars, I-beams, strips, squares, balls; flat rolled products – thick, standard, corrugated and shipbuilding steel sheets; gauged rolled products, steel wire, nails, construction netting, steel pipes, electrodes for arc welding, as well as coke chemical products, including coke, coal concentrate, ammonium sulfate, toluene, benzene, indene-coumarone fraction, pitch, naphthalene, coal tar oil, phthalic anhydride, fuel blends, etc.
JSC Novokuznetsk Iron and Steel plant (NKMK) / ОАО Кузнецкий металлургический комбинат (НКМК). Novokuznetsk, Russia
Part of EVRAZ Group SA. The leading rail manufacturer, its product range includes railway, tram, crane, stock and guard rails, fishing plates and rail chairs. The plant also manufactures hot rolled products, terminal strips, terminals, strip bars, guard rail angles, etc.
Russia’s top mining and steel company with operations in different countries. The total production capacity equals about 6 million tonnes of steel, 5,4 million tonnes of rolled products, 3,3 million tonnes of coke a year. Mechel manufactures profiled and sheet rolled products, hardware, cable production products, wire and gauged rolled products, shaped sections, strip, wrought and forged products, profiled flooring, ferrous alloys, etc.
The company also owns power generating assets.
JSC Chelyabinsk Metallurgical plant
(ChMK) / ОАО Челябинский металлургический комбинат (ЧМК, Челябинский металлургический завод)
Chelyabinsk, Russia
Manufactures pig iron, steel semi-finished, long and flat products from carbon, structural and tool corrosion resistant steel. Part of MECHEL Company.
JSC Izhstal / ОАО Ижсталь Izhevsk, Russia
Russia’s top manufacturer of specialty steel and stainless long products. Part of MECHEL Company.
JSC Beloretsk Metallurgic plant / ОАО Белорецкий металлургический комбинат Beloretsk, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
Manufacturer of steel ropes, reinforcement strands, high-strength wire and bearing wire, spring wire, as well as micro-wire, hot-rolled products made of carbon, stainless and alloyed steel, hardware, strips, profiled products for various applications, galvanized products. Part of MECHEL Company.
ZAO United Metallurgical Company
(ОМК) / ЗАО Объединенная металлургическая компания (ОМК)
Moscow, Russia
The plant manufactures cast iron, pipes for various applications, hot rolled coils, railway wheels, construction and railway rolled products, ferro-vanadium agglomerate, ferrovanadium, vanadium pentoxide, coke, and micro steel wire.
JSC Vyksa Steel works
(VMZ) / ОАО Выксунский металлургический завод (ВМЗ)
Vyksa, Russia
Manufacturer of longitudinal electrically welded pipes for main gas pipelines, general purpose pipes, water and gas supply pipes, casing pipes, shaped pipes, and wrought wheels. Part of OMK.
JSC Oskol Elektrometallurgical plant
(OEMK ) / ОАО Оскольский электрометаллургический комбинат (ОЭМК)
Stary Oskol, Russia
Part of LTD UK METALLOINVEST. The total production output is 3,3 million tonnes of steel a year. Manufactures oxidized and metalized pellets, cast bars, profiled rolled products, rods, wire, semi-finished pipes, bearing steel, hardware, etc.
JSC Metallurgic Plant Named After A.K.Serov/ ОАО Металлургический завод им. А.К. Серова / ОАО Первоуральский новотрубный завод (ПНТЗ) Serov, Russia
Manufactures about 400 grades of high-quality rolled products: reinforcement steel of various profiles, square and tubular billets, gauged rolled products, profiled rolled products, high precision rods, round o hexagonal hollow drill steel, steel angles, cast iron, pig iron, ferrous sulfate, etc. Managed by LTD UGMK Steel.
JSC Pervouralsk New Pipe plant
(PnTZ) / ОАО Первоуральский новотрубный завод (ПНТЗ)
Pervouralsk, Russia
The plant manufactures seamless steel pipes for chemical and ship industries, as well as for gas pipelines and gas field facilities. Other products include: cold and hot formed pipes of various steel grades, electrically welded pipes of carbon and low alloyed steel, seamless pipes of corrosion resistant steel grades and alloys, boiler pipes, pump and compressor piping, geological exploration pipes, bearing pipes, precision pipes, profiled pipes, variable cross section pipes, polyethylene-/ propylene lined pipes, polyethylene/polypropylene pipes, compressed gas cylinders, seamless return bends, etc.
JSC Chelyabinsk Tube-Rolling plant
(ChTPZ) / ОАО Челябинский трубопрокатный завод (ЧТПЗ)
Chelyabinsk, Russia
Manufactures large and small diameter welded pipes, seamless hot finished pipes of large and small diameters, tubing and casing with couplings, pump and compressor piping, seamless cold finished pipes, lined and profiled pipes, compressed gas cylinders, seamless return bends, etc.
JSC Metallurgical plant Electrostal / ОАО Металлургический завод "Электросталь" Elektrostal, Russia
The plant manufactures a range of profiled products made of heat resistant Ni- and Fe-Ni-based alloys, precision alloys with high magnetic permeability (hard-magnetic, alloys with designated thermal linear expansion factor and elastic properties, high electrical resistance alloys, bimetals and thermo bimetals), titanium alloys, stainless steels (nickel free and containing nickel), fast steel, tool, bearing, and structural steel (standard or high quality, high strength and high machining properties, heat resistant or spring)
JSC Chusovoy Metallurgical Works (ChMZ) / ОАО Чусовской металлургический завод (ЧМЗ) Chusovoy, Russia
The plant manufactures pig iron, ferro-vanadium agglomerate, vanadium pentoxide, ferrovanadium and nitrided ferrovanadium with nitrogen and silicon, automobile spring plates, strip hot rolled products, hot rolled steel products for springs – rectangular, trapezoidal, square cross section, profiled; hot rolled steel for concrete reinforcement, hot rolled angles, channel bars, I-beams, specialty profiled products, etc.
JSC Ashinskiy Metallurgical Works/ ОАО Ашинский металлургический завод Asha, Russia
Manufactures hot rolled sheets and flat carbon products, high strength steel, high quality structural and heat and corrosion resistant steel, cold rolled sheet products of stainless nickel free or nickel containing steel and nickel based alloys or corrugated steel, anisontropic or isontropic electrical cold rolled strip of steel corrosion resistant, heat resistant or low carbon steel; amorphous alloy strip, magnetic cores, etc.
JSC TechInvestStroy (Kashira Coated Steel plant, KZSP) / ОАО ТехИнвестСтрой (Каширский завод стали с покрытием. КЗСП) Kashira, Russia
The plant is engaged in production and marketing of 0,3-1,3 mm-thick galvanized coiled sheet steel.
ZAO Filit Moscow Pipe plant / ЗАО Московский трубный завод "Филит " Moscow, Russia
Manufactures stainless and carbon steel pipes.
Russian Aluminum United Company
(RUSAL UC) / Объединенная Компания Российский Алюминий (ОК РУСАЛ)
Moscow, Russia
One of the top alumina and aluminium manufacturers with operations in 19 countries. UC RUSAl enterprises manufacture primary aluminium, metallic alumina, aluminium hydrate, a wide range of aluminium based alloys, high purity aluminium, foil and foil based flexible packaging, aluminium powder and granules, rods for cables and hardware, metallurgical silicon, soda ash, potassium sulfate, fluorite briquettes, zinc concentrate, soda-sulfate mix, electrocorundum, metallurgical gallium, etc.
JSC Krasnoyarskiy Aluminum Smelter(KrAZ ) / ОАО Красноярский алюминиевый завод (КрАЗ) Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Accounts for 24% of aluminium produced in Russia. The smelter’s production output totals 1 million tonnes of aluminium a year. KrAZ manufactures primary aluminium, alloys (slabs, billets, ingots), high purity aluminium, etc. The plant is planning production of magnesium and can alloys. Part of RUSAL UC.
JSC Nadvoitsy Aluminium Smelter
(NAZ) / ОАО Надвойский алюминиевый завод (НАЗ)
Nadvoitsy, the Republic of Karelia, Russia
The production capacity of the plant equals 81 thousand tonnes of aluminium a year. The plant manufactures primary aluminium and aluminium alloys, including car alloys and aluminum-magnesium alloys. NAZ is implementing a project to increase casting volumes. Part of RUSAL UC.
JSC Urals Aluminium Smelter
(UAZ ) / ОАО Уральский алюминиевый завод (УАЗ)
Kamensk-Uralsky, Russia
The smelter’s capacity makes up 81 thousand tonnes of aluminium a year. Some of the smelter’s products include alumina, primary aluminium, slabs, small ingots produced from aluminium alloys. The smelter intends to introduce production of Al-Si-Mg-Ti-S-Cu system alloys. Part of RUSAL UC.
JSC Novokuznetsk Aluminium Smelter( NkAZ ) / ОАО Новокузнецкий алюминиевый завод (НкАЗ) Novokuznetsk, Russia
The smelter’s product output equals 322 thousand tonnes of aluminium a year. The plant manufactures primary aluminium, small and large ingots, T-bars, billets from aluminium alloys. Part of RUSAL UC.
JSC Sayanogorsk Aluminium Smelter/ОАО Саяногорский Алюминиевый завод Sayanogorsk, Khakassia, Russia
The smelter’s capacity is 542 thousand tonnes of aluminium a year.
The smelter manufactures primary aluminium, slabs, cylindrical bars, T-bars, billets. Part of RUSAL UC.
JSC Achinsk Alumina Refinery
(AGK) / ОАО Ачинский глиноземный комбинат (АГК)
Achinsk, Russia
The plant’s capacity makes up 1,069 million tonnes of alumina a year. The plant produces high grade alumina and calcined soda. Part of RUSAL UC.
ZAO Vektron Managing Company/ ЗАО Управляющая компания "ВЕКТРОН" Moscow, Russia
Managing company of a production company engaged in production of high grade galvanized steel/steel products.
(United Studs Company) / ООО ЮНИСТАД (Юнайтед Стадз Компани)
Dzerzhinsk, Russia
Manufactures galvanized flat rolled products. The company’s production volume totals 60 thousand tonnes of galvanized steel. The company manufactures galvanized flat rolled products, construction profiles and performs cutting of coils into strips. Part of ZAO Vektron Managing Company.
JSC Svyatogor / ОАО Святогор Krasnouralsk, Russia
The plant processes 2,6 million tonnes of ore a year. An integrated crude copper production plant. Managed by OOO UGMK Holding.
JSC Sredneuralsky Copper plant (SUMZ) / ОАО Среднеуральский медеплавильный завод (СУМЗ) Revda, Russia.
Manufactures crude copper, potassium ethyl xanthate, tripolyphosphate, sulfuric acid, etc. The smelter is managed by OOO UGMK Holding
JSC GMK Norilsk Nickel
Polar Division./ ОАО ГМК Норильский НикельЗаполярный филиал.
Norilsk, Russia
The company extracts copper-nickel sulfide ores, enriches ores to produce nickel, copper and pyrrhotite concentrates, which are further processed into marketable copper, elementary sulfur, sulfuric acid, marketable nickel and cobalt, as well as into platinum, silver, selenium, tellurium, etc.
OJSC Uzmetcombinat / АПО Узбекский металлургический комбинат (Узметкомбинат) Bekabad, Republic Uzbekistan
Some of the products manufactured at the plant include hot rolled steel for reinforcement of concrete constructions, hot rolled steel round and square bars, strips, angles, channels, grinding balls, nuts, bolts, nails, as well as sodium silicate for liquid glass, gaseous and liquid argon.
О JSC Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex/ ОАО Алмалыкский ГМК Almalyk, Uzbekistan
The production capacity of the plant in terms of copper-bearing ore makes up 31 million tonnes per annum, zinc-lead ore production volume is 0,5 million tonnes per annum. Copper-molybdenum ore annual processing capacity equals 29,12 million tonnes. The complex manufactures copper cathodes, metallic cadmium, perrhenate ammonium, copper sulfate, copper wire with enamel insulation process selenium, sulfuric acid, tellurium, zinc.
AO Donskoy GOK / АО "Донской ГОК" Khromtau, Kazakhstan
Manufactures chromium ore, granite, magnesite, magnesium materials, ore minerals of alloy agents, ceramic and clinker construction materials, ceramic and clinker pressed brick, ceramic roof tile. The plant is a AO TNK Kazchrome subsidiary, part of ENRC Ferroalloys Division.
TOO CAIH POWER / " ТОО "CAIH POWER" Aksay, Kazakhstan
The enterprise provides services in operation, maintenance, repair and installation of power generating, compressor and electrical equipment at Karagachansk gas condensate field.
TOO SP Betpak-Dala / ТОО "СП "Бетпак Дала" Almaty, Kazakhstan
The plant extracts radioactive containing natural resources, including uranium (as much as 3 000 tonnes a year), at the Akdala and South Inkay mines. Part of AO NAC KazAtomProm.
Arcelor Mittal Temirtau / Арселор Миттал Темиртау Temirtau, Kazakhstan
The plant manufactures profiled products, such as reinforcements, round billets, heavy sections, angles, channel bars, strips and squares; flat rolled products, i.e. hot or cold rolled coils and sheets, roof steel, galvanized hot rolled products, pre-painted galvanized steel, tin plate.