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Distributor / authorized representative that deals with supply & delivery of edge runner mills to industrial enterprises of Russia

Engineering company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), Russia, has been successfully working with a number of Russian industrial enterprises at the local market for more than 20 years. Since the company’s founding, it has acquired immense engineering experience, market reputation, and has realized more than a hundred large-scale projects at the industrial plants in Russia. Our company is continuously in search of new business partners, who consider Russian market investment-attractive and want to boost their sales in the region, as well as expand their field of activities and enter a new international level.

We are interested in cooperation with the manufacturers of edge runner mills, who are looking for an official and reliable distributor to deal with supply & delivery of their equipment to the industrial plants in Russia.

The company’s top management and sales team are well acquainted with the Russian market, its mentality and laws; they also understand industrial specifics of the financial and economic activities of the Russian customers. All our sales managers have a large customer database, extensive experience of successful sales and well-established connections with the potential buyers of your edge runner mills. This allows our managers to promptly set out the most promising directions for promotion and to ensure a rapid entry of the products into the promising Russian market. Our employees, who are fluent in English and German, are focused on working at the international market with the supplies of foreign equipment.

Our team of experienced engineers, who can handle the most serious technical problems, constantly keeps in touch with the Russian customers, holds meetings and delivers presentations regarding the latest achievements of our manufacturing partners. They point out the engineering challenges and actively communicate with all the departments at Russian plants. That is why the specifics of doing a business in the Russian Federation are well-known to us, and we also know the equipment of the local industrial plants and their up-to-date modernization needs.

Once we become your authorized representative in Russia, our marketing staff will carry out a market research in order to check the demand for edge runner mills, will submit a market overview for edge runner mills that you offer and evaluate the needs for this type of equipment at local plants. Our specialists will also estimate the potential and capacity of this market at local industrial plants. Our IT-team will start developing a website for your products in Russian. Our experts will assess the conformity between your edge runner mills and customer needs as well as analyze the common reaction to the new goods in general. We will look into the categories of potential customers, and pick out the largest and the most promising plants.

Upon becoming your authorized agent on the territory of Russia, ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), will obtain certificates, if required, for a batch of the goods, for various types of edge runner mills in compliance with Russian standards. We can also arrange the inspection in order to obtain TR TS 010 and TR TS 012 Certificates. These certificates provides permission to operate your equipment at all industrial plants of the EAEU countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan), including the hazardous industrial facilities. Our company is eager to assist in issuing Technical Passports for edge runner mills as per Russian and other EAEU countries’ requirements.

Our engineering company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), collaborates with several Russian design institutes in various industrial segments, which allows us to conduct preliminary design as well as subsequent design works according to the standards, construction rules and regulations that are applicable in Russia and other CIS countries. It also enables us to include your edge runner mills into the future projects.

The Company has its own logistics department that can provide packing service, handling as well as the most efficient and cost effective mode of transportation of the goods (incl. over dimensional and overweight goods). The goods can be delivered on DAP or DDP-customer’s warehouse basis in full compliance with all the relevant regulations and requirements that are applicable on the Russian market.

Our company has its own certified specialists who will carry out installation supervision and commissioning of the delivered equipment, as well as further guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of edge runner mills. They will also provide necessary training and guidance for the customer’s personnel.

Edge runner mills. A brief overwiew

General description

Edge runner mills (also referred as edge runners) are the grinding machine. Their main components are bowl and two (or three) grindstones making the complicated motions around horizontal and vertical axes. Edge-runners grind a material by crushing and grinding the pieces by massive grindstones, which roll along cast iron bowl.

There are two main types of edge-runners:

  1. with fixed bowl and moving grindstones;
  2. with rotating bowl and fixed (relative to vertical axis) grindstones.

Grindstones of both edge-runners are rotated around the horizontal axis. Edge-runners with fixed bowl and moving grindstones are used to grind all-lump materials, i.e. those that were not foreground. Edge-runners with rotating bowl and fixed grindstones are used to grind preliminary crushed material.

Considering that a sufficiently large centrifugal force occurs during grindstones rotation around the axis, for its reduction you should decrease the number of bowl rotations or grindstones themselves. This consequently reduces edge-runners performance.

Edge-runners of the second type, as compared with the first ones have a slightly larger number of rotations, respectively, together with higher performance, but such edge-runners require high-powered center plate supports development.

Performance and power consumption

Theoretically, edge-runners performance can be calculated assuming that all pieces of material ground are of spherical shape.

Under such conditions you can easily calculate the theoretical number of material pieces (?), which runners can grind per hour:

Z = [(2πrсрb)/d²]·60ni

rср – grindstones rotation average radius, m;
b – grindstones width, m;
d – material pieces diameter, m;
n – edge-runners rotations number, min-1;
i – grindstones number.

In practice, only about 2 percent of theoretically calculated volume of material is ground per one grindstones rotation with a given grinding degree.

The work spent for material grinding in edge-runners can be calculated, when summarizing the friction, rolling and sliding work.

Edge-runners design

Today edge-runners are of very different designs. Cast iron bowls of these machines can be either solid or composite and cast iron grindstones located in bowl have external steel compressive rings. Bowl bottom is covered with steel plates-grate bars. Materials grinding degree depends on gaps size between these grate bars. The working parts - grindstones may be both freely mounted on axes and rigidly connected with them.

In order to avoid edge-runners sudden breakdown due to excessively large and hard material pieces, their axes should be hoisting or crank shaped (in machines with grindstones rigidly fixed on axis). The axes in edge-runners with hoisting axes rotating inside the box can be moved in a vertical plane in it. Edge-runners’ shaft is equipped with ploughs that move material pieces from the center to bowl edge, as well as from the bowl periphery to the center. This is exactly why the milled material is evenly distributed over the bowl surface, and timely removed after the grinding.

Edge-runners are driven by motor via the gearbox and bevel gear drive, which can be located either over cast iron bowl or directly beneath it.

Machines with a fixed bowl can be of two types - light or heavy. They differ from each other by grindstones weight and rotations number. Low-speed edge-runners of light type as a rule make 8 - 15 rotations per minute and have a fairly large rotation radius at relatively small rim width, because of which the abrading force is very small. High-speed edge-runners are primarily equipped with top drive.

Edge-runners with a rotating bowl have several advantages over machines with a fixed bowl, namely:
1) their grindstones have more simple but equally more reliable attachment;
2) grindstones are not affected by centrifugal forces;
3) ground material discharge is much simplified.

Edge-runner mills

Let us consider an example of such machine design. The grindstones in machine bowl, rotating by drive are moved due to friction and each of which also rotates around its horizontal axis. Ground material is discharged over bowl board by means of a special device - plough.

Such device with two grindstones (edge-runners) is used since the mid-19th century, therefore, probably deemed the oldest grinding device of such type. This machine operates as a roller mill. Edge-runner mill is a unit with fixed bowl, inside which there are two, slowly rotating heavy edge-runners. Also this device can be equipped with fixed edge-runners.

When rotating the edge-runners represent two massive grindstones, which bly compress and mill material pieces charged into machine bowl from above on center. Ground product leaves machine bowl along its perimeter. Ground material is continually raked off to the bowl center with a flat bottom by co-rotating scrapers, thereby repeatedly passing under the grindstones, before completely leaving the unit.

Other equipment

Upon becoming the official distributer of agitators (mixing equipment), our company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), carries out the following: finds the buyers of your products on the market, conducts technical and commercial negotiations with the customers regarding the supplies of your equipment, concludes contracts. Should a bidding take place, we will collect and prepare all the documents required for the participation, conclude all the necessary contracts for the supply of your equipment, as well as register the goods (agitators (mixing equipment)) and conduct customs clearance procedures. We will also register a certificate of transaction (Passport of Deal) required for all foreign trade contracts in the foreign currency control department of the authorized Russian bank so that currency transaction could be effected. If required, our company will implement an equipment spacing project in order to integrate your equipment into the existing or newly built production plant.

We are convinced that our company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), will become your reliable, qualified and efficient partner & distributor in Russia.

We are always open for cooperation, so let’s move forward together!