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Distributor / authorized representative that deals with supply & delivery of diaphragm compressors to industrial enterprises of Russia

Engineering company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), Russia, has been successfully working with a number of Russian industrial enterprises at the local market for more than 20 years. Since the company’s founding, it has acquired immense engineering experience, market reputation, and has realized more than a hundred large-scale projects at the industrial plants in Russia. Our company is continuously in search of new business partners, who consider Russian market investment-attractive and want to boost their sales in the region, as well as expand their field of activities and enter a new international level.

We are interested in cooperation with the manufacturers of diaphragm compressors (diaphragm compressor lines), who are looking for an official and reliable distributor to supply their equipment to the industrial plants in Russia.

The company’s top management and sales team are well acquainted with the Russian market, its mentality and laws; they also understand industrial specifics of the financial and economic activities of the Russian customers. All our sales managers have a large customer database, extensive experience of successful sales and well-established connections with the potential buyers of your diaphragm compressors. This allows our managers to promptly set out the most promising directions for promotion and to ensure a rapid entry of the products into the promising Russian market. Our employees, who are fluent in English and German, are focused on working at the international market with the supplies of foreign equipment.

Our team of experienced engineers, who can handle the most serious technical problems, constantly keeps in touch with the Russian customers, holds meetings and delivers presentations regarding the latest achievements of our manufacturing partners. They point out the engineering challenges and actively communicate with all the departments at Russian plants. That is why the specifics of doing a business in the Russian Federation are well-known to us, and we also know the equipment of the local industrial plants and their up-to-date modernization needs.

Once we become your authorized representative for diaphragm compressor lines in Russia, our marketing staff will carry out a market research in order to check the demand for diaphragm compressor lines, will submit a market overview for diaphragm compressors that you offer and evaluate the needs for this type of equipment at local plants. Our specialists will also estimate the potential and capacity of this market at local industrial plants. Our IT-team will start developing a website for your products in Russian. Our experts will assess the conformity between your diaphragm compressor lines and customer needs as well as analyze the common reaction to the new goods in general. We will look into the categories of potential customers, and pick out the largest and the most promising plants.

Upon becoming your authorized agent on the territory of Russia, ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), will obtain certificates, if required, for a batch of the goods or for various types of diaphragm compressors (diaphragm compressor lines) in compliance with Russian standards. We can also arrange the inspection in order to obtain TR TS 010 and TR TS 012 Certificates. These certificates provides permission to operate your equipment at all industrial plants of the EAEU countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan), including the hazardous industrial facilities. Our company is eager to assist in issuing Technical Passports for diaphragm compressors as per Russian and other EAEU countries’ requirements.

Our engineering company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), collaborates with several Russian design institutes in various industrial segments, which allows us to conduct preliminary design as well as subsequent design works according to the standards, construction rules and regulations that are applicable in Russia and other CIS countries. It also enables us to include your diaphragm compressor lines into the future projects.

The Company has its own logistics department that can provide packing service, handling as well as the most efficient and cost effective mode of transportation of the goods (incl. over dimensional and overweight goods). The goods can be delivered on DAP or DDP-customer’s warehouse basis in full compliance with all the relevant regulations and requirements that are applicable on the Russian market.

Our company has its own certified specialists who will carry out installation supervision and commissioning of the delivered equipment, as well as further guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of diaphragm compressors. They will also provide necessary training and guidance for the customer’s personnel.

Brief description of diaphragm compressors

The diaphragm compressor is an excellent choice when you want tight compression of the actuating medium and where the intrusion of impurities into the medium is unacceptable. The actuating medium is not in contact with the piston or piston rings that are typically used to create the offset in traditional compressors. They have no dynamic seals; the contamination with hydraulic oil (which is usually used to seal the piston rings in reciprocating and screw compressors) is entirely excluded, making this type of compressors hermetic. Diaphragm compressors may have horizontal and vertical design and multiple compression stages.

The high purity diaphragm compression is achieved by insulating the pulsating hydraulic fluid from the actuating medium through metal diaphragms and a series of static seals. The reciprocating motion of the piston affects the high-pressure chamber with hydraulic oil through the fixed cavities, which allows the diaphragms to compress and pump the actuating medium. This compressor is a form of the reciprocating-type units, so its mechanism is the same as that of plunger and reciprocating pumps.

Diaphragm compressors can operate at suction pressures starting from the atmospheric pressure and produce discharge pressure up to 60,000 psig.

The unique feature of diaphragm compressors is that the compression, which in another compressor type would require from 3 to 5 stages, can be performed by one or two stages.

Diaphragm compressors are ideal for compression of all gases without leaks or contamination. Advantages of the gas treatment consist in ultra high purity without leakage. This is what differs diaphragm compressors from reciprocating and screw compressors. Reciprocating and screw machines can have leaks around the piston rings, which leads to the contamination of the process gas with hydraulic oil.

This type of compressors is perfect for the compression of toxic or potentially volatile gases, such as hydrogen, as they are sealed with respect to the environment, giving ultimately a very low degree of leaks within the approximate range of 10-4mbar/s.

The gas is compressed due to the use of vibrating diaphragms of sandwich type driven by hydraulic pressure generated by the piston. Diaphragm compressors can operate at speeds within the range of 250rpm or 720rpm depending on the size. The gas is supplied through the suction valve and compressed in the gas space, and then goes to the exhaust valve. As in most compressors, it is possible to have multiple stages, and the diaphragm compressor can have pressure ratio of 1:20. This makes it possible to achieve the outlet pressure up to about 3,000bar, with the limitation on the allowable temperature at the stage outlet.

Compressors of this type are ideal for all types of laboratory applications, as well as for experimental facilities and industrial applications that require low consumption of the actuating media. These devices can be used for testing and calibration of critical devices, such as components of missile defense systems, where the hydraulic pressure test and calibration are difficult or impossible to carry out. The compressors are suitable for suction at a constant or continuously changing pressure up to the maximum allowable discharge pressure.

Typical applications of diaphragm compressors include:

Industrial gases at fuel filling stations for trailers for the transportation of gas cylinders, or gas distribution applications for such gases as helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, etc.

Specialty gases, including gases for electronics (silane, special gas mixtures), calibration gases, etc.

Alternative energy sectors including the hydrogen energy sector, compressed natural gas and biogas applications.

Diaphragm compressors are used in the food, pharmaceutical, and nuclear industries.

Areas of use:

  • Power plants / gas companies
  • Environmental control (as compressors for gas sampling)
  • This type of compressors is also used to analyze the atmospheric conditions with the high content of CO and CO2, for example in tunnels and on highways
  • Methanol, ethane, ethylene, propane
  • Treatment of freon and PTFE
  • Various freon gases, halon, and fluorine
  • Pilot plants, laboratories
  • Air, neon, xenon, krypton, and He
  • This type of compressors is used in the transfer / filling of gases
  • Equipment for the production of semiconductors. High purity gases (N2, O2, H2, air, etc.) are used in the production process of semiconductors
  • Other applications for СO2, СО, Cl, HCl, H2S, SO3, NH3, etc.

Diaphragm compressors operate with synthetic gases with different composition in the petrochemical equipment for testing, where new additives are developed and tested. It is possible to compress synthetic gases from the low-pressure level at the suction side up to the operating pressure, for example, 200bar.

One of the two-stage diaphragm compressor applications is the compression of hydrogen supplied from the Н2 source up to the wellhead pressure, which is about 100-150bar higher than the respective filling pressure. Depending on the application, the filling pressure can amount to 350bar or 700bar.

For some time now, diaphragm compressors are used for the operation of gases in fuel elements and for the recovery of greenhouse gases.

The diaphragm compressor is also intended to compress atmospheric air for storage or immediate use. The diaphragms can be made of rubber or silicone.

Typical application of compressors with metal diaphragms:

  • Filling of cylinders / storage in settling bowls and under high pressure
  • Treatment of highly corrosive gases, Cl2, HCl, F2, and O2
  • Gases for electronic devices: silane, helium, nitrogen, and hydrogen
  • Radioactive gases: nuclear power plants in Europe are equipped with compressors of this type with metal diaphragms
  • Gas production and purification

Typical application of compressors with teflon diaphragms:

  • Sampling at LNG plants
  • Gas sampling for environmental control measures
  • Freon gas and PTFE treatment
  • СО2, СО, Cl, HCl, H2S, SO3, and NH3

When using these compressors, you should ensure that there are no solid impurities in the compressed medium, which may adversely affect the diaphragm service life.

Diaphragm compressors are used in a wide range of applications: it may be small models with a capacity of 1/8hp capable of producing 50PSI, and industrial gas compressors capable of operating with less constant pressure up to 6000PSI. The diaphragm compressor is particularly suitable for creative applications such as hobbies, for example, aerographics, as well as for the compression of toxic or hazardous gases because the metal on metal friction is minimized.

Compressors and blowers

Upon becoming the official distributer of diaphragm compressors (diaphragm compressor lines), our company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), carries out the following: finds the buyers of your products on the market, conducts technical and commercial negotiations with the customers regarding the supplies of your equipment, concludes contracts. Should a bidding take place, we will collect and prepare all the documents required for the participation, conclude all the necessary contracts for the supply of your equipment, as well as register the goods (diaphragm compressors) and conduct customs clearance procedures. We will also register a certificate of transaction (Passport of Deal) required for all foreign trade contracts in the foreign currency control department of the authorized Russian bank so that currency transaction could be effected. If required, our company will implement an equipment spacing project in order to integrate your equipment into the existing or newly built production plant.

We are convinced that our company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), will become your reliable, qualified and efficient partner & distributor in Russia.

We are always open for cooperation, let’s move forward together!