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Distributor / authorized representative that deals with supply & delivery of rotary filters to industrial enterprises of Russia

Engineering company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), Russia, has been successfully working with a number of Russian industrial enterprises at the local market for more than 20 years. Since the company’s founding, it has acquired immense engineering experience, market reputation, and has realized more than a hundred large-scale projects at the industrial plants in Russia. Our company is continuously in search of new business partners, who consider Russian market investment-attractive and want to boost their sales in the region, as well as expand their field of activities and enter a new international level.

We are interested in cooperation with the manufacturers of rotary filters, who are looking for an official and reliable distributor to deal with supply & delivery of their equipment to the industrial plants in Russia.

The company’s top management and sales team are well acquainted with the Russian market, its mentality and laws; they also understand industrial specifics of the financial and economic activities of the Russian customers. All our sales managers have a large customer database, extensive experience of successful sales and well-established connections with the potential buyers of your rotary filters. This allows our managers to promptly set out the most promising directions for promotion and to ensure a rapid entry of the products into the promising Russian market. Our employees, who are fluent in English and German, are focused on working at the international market with the supplies of foreign equipment.

Our team of experienced engineers, who can handle the most serious technical problems, constantly keeps in touch with the Russian customers, holds meetings and delivers presentations regarding the latest achievements of our manufacturing partners. They point out the engineering challenges and actively communicate with all the departments at Russian plants. That is why the specifics of doing a business in the Russian Federation are well-known to us, and we also know the equipment of the local industrial plants and their up-to-date modernization needs.

Once we become your authorized representative in Russia, our marketing staff will carry out a market research in order to check the demand for rotary filters, will submit a market overview for rotary filters that you offer and evaluate the needs for this type of equipment at local plants. Our specialists will also estimate the potential and capacity of this market at local industrial plants. Our IT-team will start developing a website for your products in Russian. Our experts will assess the conformity between your rotary filters and customer needs as well as analyze the common reaction to the new goods in general. We will look into the categories of potential customers, and pick out the largest and the most promising plants.

Upon becoming your authorized agent on the territory of Russia, ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), will obtain certificates, if required, for a batch of the goods, for various types of rotary filters in compliance with Russian standards. We can also arrange the inspection in order to obtain TR TS 010 and TR TS 012 Certificates. These certificates provides permission to operate your equipment at all industrial plants of the EAEU countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan), including the hazardous industrial facilities. Our company is eager to assist in issuing Technical Passports for rotary filters as per Russian and other EAEU countries’ requirements.

Our engineering company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), collaborates with several Russian design institutes in various industrial segments, which allows us to conduct preliminary design as well as subsequent design works according to the standards, construction rules and regulations that are applicable in Russia and other CIS countries. It also enables us to include your rotary filters into the future projects.

The Company has its own logistics department that can provide packing service, handling as well as the most efficient and cost effective mode of transportation of the goods (incl. over dimensional and overweight goods). The goods can be delivered on DAP or DDP-customer’s warehouse basis in full compliance with all the relevant regulations and requirements that are applicable on the Russian market.

Our company has its own certified specialists who will carry out installation supervision and commissioning of the delivered equipment, as well as further guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of rotary filters. They will also provide necessary training and guidance for the customer’s personnel.

Rotary filters. A brief overwiew.

Rotary filters are designed for separation of suspensions containing large particles. They are also used when a long and thorough cake washing is required.

These filters consist of a series of Nutsche filters moving around a circle in a horizontal plane. Nutsche filters have rubber lattice bottoms with a filter cloth and are hinged to a horizontally rotating circular frame.

The rotary filter has a four-compartment distribution head for connection to the vacuum line, compressed air line and wash liquid line. The head is connected to all Nutsche filters with a flexible hose. As the frame rotates, each Nutsche filter is filled with the suspension and is connected to the vacuum line. Once the filtrate is separated, the cake is washed and blown with air. Then, the Nutsche filter is removed and the cake is discharged into the receiver, and the filter material is cleaned from the remaining solid phase and dried. Then, the Nutsche filter is placed in its original position and the filtration is repeated. The area of the working surface of the rotary filter can reach 1.0-60 m2.

Rotary vacuum filter

This filter has all the advantages of Nutsche filters, while being a continuous unit. It is a set of horizontal Nutsche filter placed around a circle and connected by flexible hoses equipped with switchgears similar to those used in disk and drum filters. As the frame used to support Nutsche filters rotates, all Nutsche filters are filled, in series, with the suspension. Then, the cake is washed, dried and removed, and the filter cloth is washed and dried. The corresponding Nutsche filter is turned upside down during cake removal. After the filter cloth is washed, the Nutsche filter is placed in its original position.

Advantages of rotary filters include thorough washing of the cake, long life of the filter cloth and matching of settling and filtration directions.

Principle diagram-drawing of the rotary vacuum filter

The main feature of rotary vacuum filters is a circular horizontal filtering surface. It is formed by interconnected special buckets connected to the distribution head chambers wherefrom they scoop the cake and then are emptied in the place of discharge.

The operating surface of the filter usually consists of a few dozens of trapezoid buckets which move around the vertical filter axis together with the moving frame. The buckets are mounted in bearings. The moving frame is driven by special rollers mounted on a stationary base. This base is also used as a support for the distribution head, rails, suspension feeding system, drive elements, etc.

The frame drive is usually located one floor below because it is less exposed to sprays and vapors from the treated suspensions. The drive design includes a motor, a chain variable-speed gear, a gearbox (cylinder and cylinder-conic), a shaft and a drive gear. A toothed rim is attached to the moving frame by means of an internal toothing.

The bucket is a welded structure with a tube welded to its side wall. A rubber hose is attached thereto to connect the bucket to a cell gasket. A rubber mat is used as a drainage base. The filter membrane (cloth) is fixed along the bucket perimeter with special metal bars and screw clamps.

Filter operating cycle

The filter operating cycle can be divided into the following stages: feeding of the suspension into the bucket, filtration and repeated washing, drying and removing of the resulting cake, washing and drying of the filter cloth.

Continuous feeding of suspension and wash liquid into buckets is possible due to special trays located above the rotary carousel. The remaining matter formed during filtration is supplied into the vacuum chamber of the bucket and then it is discharged from the filter through the distribution head.

Having reached the discharge area, the bucket is automatically turned over, and the cake is discharged into the hopper due to gravity and compressed air. Then, the bucket is washed in a special collector where the wash liquid is pressurized upwards to clean the filter cloth. Then, the cloth is dried and the bucket takes its initial position to repeat the cycle.

Rails are used to prevent bucket overturning during operation (because its center of gravity is above the axis of rotation). A special rigidly fixed lever with rollers at its ends is used to control the bucket turning time. Each lever roller moves along its own guiding rail. Once the level of guiding rails changes or they are separated, the bucket turns over. This is necessary for the cake discharge. After the filter cloth is dried, the rails return the bucket to its initial position.


These filters are used in the following cases:

  • when separated suspension which required rapid separation contains dispersed-phase solids of different size;
  • when thorough cake washing is required.


Карусельные фильтры

Upon becoming the official distributer of fabric filters, our company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), carries out the following: finds the buyers of your products on the market, conducts technical and commercial negotiations with the customers regarding the supplies of your equipment, concludes contracts. Should a bidding take place, we will collect and prepare all the documents required for the participation, conclude all the necessary contracts for the supply of your equipment, as well as register the goods (fabric filters) and conduct customs clearance procedures. We will also register a certificate of transaction (Passport of Deal) required for all foreign trade contracts in the foreign currency control department of the authorized Russian bank so that currency transaction could be effected. If required, our company will implement an equipment spacing project in order to integrate your equipment into the existing or newly built production plant.

We are convinced that our company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), will become your reliable, qualified and efficient partner & distributor in Russia.

We are always open for cooperation, so let’s move forward together!